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Has Cop26 got you thinking about what you could do to make a difference? 

Us too, this is why we are pouring everything into our eco-friendly zero waste shop Nudie Foodie.

Nudie Foodie was founded in 2020 and is on a mission to not only cut down on single use plastic on your dried food products but bring you environmentally friendly products for you and your home. 

We have a variety of food, shampoos and washes and even cleaning supplies so you can make those small changes which will have a huge impact on the environment. Did you know a plastic bottle can take up 400 years to decompose? And just think how many households have plastic bottles in them? 

It’s time to make a change!

To aid our mission we have put together a subscription service. For £5 a month you will get 10% off all our food, liquids and eco products plus free delivery. No limit on how many times you use this or on the amount you spend.

When you sign up we deliver your products in complete reusable packaging. Your order will be delivered in tubs and all we ask is that you decant it into your reusable container and put them all back into the totes and leave it outside your front door for us to come round and pick up. Rain or shine our totes are completely weather proof. 

All we need to know is what you want and when we can deliver! 

Not sure on the taste or clean of something? We also sell a sample of our eco products so why not try a 100ml or 100g of something to see how good it is.

Have a browse through our products and see what we have available and if there is anything you can’t see but want then please get in touch. Your feedback is what helps us to grow! 

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