Nudie Foodie & Co

two clear glass jars

Bringing you naked food

Since January 2020 we have been on a mission to change to the way we shop and actually go back to the way it used to be. What we mean by this is only buying what you need and it being naked! 

​Yes you heard us, naked food! No plastic, no wrappers (only what you bring yourself) just naked food…

​We offer a range of dried food and goods all without the plastic. 

All you need to do is order online and we will deliver straight to your door in paper bags or pre-owned glass jars** 

It’s not only that easy, but everything your food is delivered in is reusable or recyclable!  

​You can have as little or as much as you would like. Our aim is to not only cut down on the plastic waste but the amount of food that is wasted too. 

​As you know Unique Retail, where we are currently based, will be closing their doors at the end of July. This doesn’t mean we are closing or stopping what we’re doing. We will going online for a short time until we are set up again locally. 

​Did you know we also have a subscription service? 

Within this subscription you receive two free deliveries every month along with 10% off any products within the Nudie Foodie range! Don’t worry if you’re not ready to sign up for this, we will still deliver regardless so just let us know. 

​We are welcome any feedback and would love to know what you would like to see next, so please let us know!  

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